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Best Service - Nitron (KONTAKT) - 1 DVD

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Best Service Nitron (KONTAKT) - высококачественный сэмплерный синтезатор, который открывается в сэмплере NI Kontakt. Имеет около 1000 патчей, сэмплы записаны с более чем 50 различных синтезаторов, ориентирована на получение "жирного" классического звука.. Библиотека содержит жирные лиды и басы, ориентирована на написание музыки в стилях: techno, drum'n'bass, dubstep, hip hop, trance, electro, pop и ambient. Имеет множестро настроек.

Формат: NKI.NKX.NKC / Качество: 24 bits.44100 kHz

NITRON Samplebased Synthesizer

The more than 1000 included Nitron patches are high quality multi-samples from more than 50 different synthesizers. You will find a broad range of classics as well as lesser known synthesizers from the last 30 years in this bold collection. The library is focused on providing the fattest possible lead and bass sounds. This product is well suited for techno, drum ‘n’ bass, dubstep, hip hop, bigbeat, trance and electro, as well as pop and ambient music.

Nitron is based on Native Instruments' award winning Kontakt 5.

Nitron cannot be compared to other sample-based libraries, which give you very limited or no access at all to editing and tweaking your sounds. Nitron is like a real synthesizer, using high end source samples as oscillators. If you own the full Kontakt 4 version, you can use the countless possibilities of this sophisticated sampler to tweak your sounds, giving you access to an almost infinite number of sound creations for any music style imaginable. Tweaking of course is also possible with the included Kontakt Player, so don’t wait to give it a try. 

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