Cinesamples - CineStrings CORE


Cinesamples - CineStrings CORE (KONTAKT) - 10 DVD

Цена: 150.00 грн.


Cinesamples - CineStrings CORE (KONTAKT) - Наиболее полная библиотека струнных оркестровых инструментов, записанная Sony Pictures в Лос-Анжелесе.

CineStrings is revolutionary in its power and simplicity for recreating the sound of the orchestral string section. The library was designed by composers, for composers, with direct feedback from the film music community during its development. The result is a string library that is easy to use, composer-friendly, with unparalleled recording quality. CineStrings library does not require you to purchase any additional sample playback software, and is licensed to work with the Native Instrument’s free Kontakt Player. All you need is a sequencer like Logic, Cubase, Digital Performer, LIVE, Protools, Cakewalk, or even Apple GarageBand and you’ll be up and running. You can also use CineStrings with your favorite notation software such as Sibelius or Finale.

Patch Listing

Single Patches

01 Violins 1 Articulations
02 Violins 1 True Legato
03 Violins 1 Pizzicato and Col Legno
04 Violins 1 Harmonics
05 Violins 2 Articulations
06 Violins 2 True Legato
07 Violins 2 Pizzicato and Col Legno
08 Violins 2 Harmonics
09 Violas Articulations
10 Violas True Legato
11 Violas Pizzicato and Col Legno
12 Violas Harmonics
13 Cellos Articulations
14 Cellos True Legato
15 Cellos Pizzicato and Col Legno

16 Cellos Harmonics
17 Basses Articulations
18 Basses True Legato
19 Basses Pizzicato and Col Legno
20 Basses Harmonics
21 Full Ensemble Articulations – Full Mix
22 Full Ensemble Articulations – Multi-Mic
23 Full Ensemble Sustains – Full Mix
24 Full Ensemble Sustains – Multi-Mic
25 Full Ensemble Pizzicato and Col Legno – Full Mix
26 Full Ensemble Pizzicato and Col Legno – Multi-Mic
27 Full Ensemble Harmonics – Full Mix
28 Full Ensemble Harmonics – Multi-Mic

Multi Patches

01 Violins Octaves Articulations
02 Violins Octaves True Legato
03 Violins + Violas Octaves Articulations
04 Violins + Violas Octaves True Legato
05 Violins + Violas + Celli Octaves Articulations
06 Violins + Violas + Celli Octaves True Legato
07 Cellos + Basses Octaves Articulations
08 Cellos + Basses Octaves True Legato
09 Violins + Violas Unison Articulations
10 Violins + Violas Unison True Legato
11 Violas + Cellos Unison Articulations
12 Violas + Cellos Unison True Legato
13 Cellos + Basses Unison Articulations
14 Cellos + Basses Unison True Legato
15 Full Unison Articulations
16 Full Unison True Legato