Best Service - Peter Siedlaczek String Essentials 2nd Edition


Best Service - Peter Siedlaczek String Essentials 2nd Edition (KONTAKT) - 4 DVD

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Peter Siedlaczek String Essentials 2nd Edition  (KONTAKT) - универсальный и удобный в использовании виртуальный струнный оркестр

  • 14 скрипок, 10 альтов 8 виолончелей и 6 контрабасов
  • абсолютно новый материал, записанный при помощи трех различных настроек микрофонов, что обеспечивает амбиентные, нормальные и сухие сэмплы
  • 17 GB великолепно звучащих семплов с пятью различными длинами, 3 или 4 динамическими слоями
  • Быстрый доступ практически ко всем приемам игры с помощью переключателей клавиш
  • быстрое и удобное формирование звуковых характеристик сэмплов при помощи midi-контроллеров (Accent, Expression, Crescendo Time, Portamento Depth/Time, Tempo, Run Shift, Release Time, Release Off, и пр.)
  • эффект сурраунд

What´s new in the Second Edition

  1. All the patches can be played in any scale beyond major/minor - like Arabic, quarter tone etc.- andperform any intervals using the Microtuning tool. It can be accessed from the instrument GUI by clikkingon the button "Controllers"
  2. New script-powered program group "Variable Length" enables performing notes of any length betweenapproximately 0,3 to 2 sec. using CC23 or the virtual knob "Length" on the instrument GUI. Unlike thesimilar category in the first edition these patches use script controlled solutions and optimised settingsfor better quality and less CPU load.
  3. New, script-powered program group "Advanced Legato" enables more realistic phrasing and legatotransitions.
  4. "Light" versions are available also for ambient and dry patches.
  5. Single Patches. Each articulation / playing technique which can be accessed in the complex programsvia Key Switches are now also available as separate patches enabling any individual, user definableMIDI-switched combinations ("normal" mic placement only).
  6. After an instrument has been loaded, the very first key stroke initializes the controller default settings(it is no more necessary to move all the assigned controllers before playing).For more details please refer to the User Manual.