8Dio - Adagio Violins


8Dio - Adagio Violins (KONTAKT) - 6 DVD

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8Dio - Adagio Violins 1.0  (KONTAKT) - обширная скрипичная библиотека для Kontakt содержит три основные группы скрипок. Записано множество артикуляций с разных положений микрофонов.

Imagine samples with true emotion - where every note matters

Adagio Violins contain three main groups of violins. Full ensemble Violin (11), Small Ensemble Violin (3) and Solo Violin (1). All groups have been extensively sampled and recorded in a signature church environment with a hand-selected group of master violinists. All groups were sampled with three different microphone positions (close, far, mixed). We employed all current generation sampling techniques (ex. true legato, deep sampled repetitions etc). New techniques were also developed to capture a higher level of emotion and humanity in the performances. The result is a passionate virtual instrument which is extremely agile to play.

Adagio is next-generation orchestral sampling. We recorded 10 different types of liquid legato to cover the vast majority of natural flow techniques. The legato performances are modeled around lyrical melodies, capturing some of the spirit of the composers we love. The power of this approach cannot be over stated. Adagio captures great musicians performing as they were born to never a static moment.

Legato intervals were sampled up to 4 times round robin allowing for an even greater degree of realism. Loure or "floating notes" are also a key part of Adagio, allowing composers to perform repeated notes with connectivity. We've also included unprecedented "Loure Legato" patches. They have to be played to be believed.

Adagio allows for traditional dynamic cross-fading of sustains to shape notes. In addition to this, we deep-deep-deep sampled "Dynamic Bowing" articulations. These are notes that weep and soar effortlessly. With our intuitive programming we believe this "dynamic" approach is far superior to traditional cross-fading in the quest for a final degree of musical realism.

Comprehensive short notes are another highlight of Adagio. With feathery spiccatos, biting marcatos, lively pizzicatos and more, Adagio is both nuanced and acrobatic. Short notes are sampled in up to 10 round robins. The attacks of the notes have an energy and musical imperfection that will re-define your string template. Trills, tremolos and measured tremolos are also sampled in great depth for an extra shimmer or relentless pulse in your music. Adagio is an intuitive out-of-box tool. It works fluently without mangling. It also offers tremendous
control and flexibility.

Adagio is designed with simplicity in mind and comes with an internal browser. Adagio contains three separate string groups. Ensemble, Divisi and Solo, which each have their own core articulation programs. All our core articulation programs contains a set of sub-articulations (ex. spiccato, staccato, marcato in same patch). All the subarticulations are triggered on keyswitches on your keyboard starting at C0. You can double click at any sub-articulation and assign it to another keyswitch if you want.

The core articulations are:

Solo Violin

  • Legato (1 type)
  • Shorts
  • Sustains
  • Dynamic Bowings
  • Bonus Phrases

Divisi Violin

  • General
  • Legato (2 types)
  • Dynamic Bowings

Ensemble Violin

  • Legato (7 types)
  • Shorts
  • Sustains
  • Dynamic Bowings
  • Measured Tremolo
  • Loure
  • Bonus Phrases