Waves IR-1 v5.2 VST + Library - 1 DVD

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Waves IR1 v5.2 VST - качественный, профессиональный, импульсный ревербератор с огромной библиотекой импульсов (более 1-го гигабайта). Поддержка VST, RTAS, DX.

* Extensive Library captured using new state of the art techniques
* 96 kHz - Support for high resolution
* Reverb Time RT60 - Unlike existing products the IR-1 uses unique Impulse Response (IR) manipulation techniques to allow shortening and lengthening (times 4) of the Reverb Time while maintaining acoustic coherence and preserving the natural envelope and frequency content.
* Size - Controls the Room size and applies acoustic modeling methods on the actual IR ER (Early Reflections) portion to make the space smaller or larger while maintaining its signature.
* Reverb Decay Envelope - A graph-based multiple breakpoint envelope allows unlimited options for re-shaping the reverb's decay behavior.
* Density - Affects the space's density and applies innovative modeling methods by controlling the actual IR's reflections, resonance, and inherent randomness to make the space clearer or denser.
* Reso - (Resonance)Analyzes the frequency response of the impulse response (IR) and derives the room modes allowing acoustically based control of IR modal timbre.
* Decorrelation - While not a classic reverb control, de- correlation allows greater control of the reverberation's stereo spaciousness.
* ER/Tail/Direct Independent Control - IR-1 analyzes the IR for the early reflection/reverb tail (ER/Tail) boundary marker and allows the classic control of gain and pre-delay for each portion.
* Damping - Proportional to the reverb time, this control applies innovative filtering methods to control the IR's low, mid, and high frequencies separately.
* 4-Band paragraphic EQ - Controls the reverb's color by a Renaissance based 4 band paragraphic EQ.
* CPU Usage Control - Special Efficient-Stereo components requiring less processing power; A "low CPU" mode utilizing intelligent algorithms that require less CPU usage while preserving high sound quality and definition.
* Direct Convolution Length Control - This allows control over the length of the actual real-time convolution. Therefore the CPU load can be reduced if desired by using a shorter convolution length and a longer RT 60.