Native Instruments - RC 24 - RC 48


Native Instruments - RC 24 & RC 48 (VST) - 1 CD

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 Native Instruments - RC 24 & RC 48 (VST) - Набор из двух качественных алгоритмических ревербераторов RC 24 и RC 48 от Native Instruments и Softube, вдохновленные известным студийным оборудованием. Каждый из эффектов имеет свой особый звук, который обеспечивает богатый, гармонический характер, добавляющий глубину и характер любому источнику.

Based on a reverb that gained wild popularity in the 80s and 90s, the RC 24 delivers larger-than-life ambience with stunning accuracy – right down to the 12-bit converters. Add rich, characteristic dimension to anything from acoustic instruments to electronic productions – the texture cuts through even dense mixes while preserving the original harmonics. 

The RC 24 is also a great sound design tool, opening possibilities from washed-out soundscapes to metallic, otherworldly sounds. 

The RC 48 captures the versatile, luxurious sound of a true studio legend. Featured on countless game, TV, and film soundtracks and even more gold and platinum records, this sound has helped shape two decades of popular music. 

Modeled by the experts at Softube, this detailed, musical, and easy-to-use reverb effect captures the essence of the original, adding sparkle and depth to everything it touches, and bringing your tracks to life.