Puremagnetik - PM Mark One (Kontakt)


Puremagnetik - PM Mark One (KONTAKT) - 1 DVD

Цена: 18.00 грн.


Puremagnetik - PM Mark One (Kontakt)  - отличная эмуляция известного электро пианино Fender Rhodes.

Формат: Kontakt, NKI, WAV
Качество: 24 bit; Частота - 44,1 kHz; Каналы - mono/stereo


In 1975 Fender Rhodes™ created the second incarnation their widely popular stage piano series. Having previously released the Fender Rhodes Mark I™ suitcase version with an 80W amp, Fender Rhodes went on to release the "Rhodes Mark I" now with plastic hammers and specifically modified to be played through a guitar and/or bass amplifier. Puremagnetik is proud to present the next instrument in their Vintage Electronic Piano line. Sampled more for its unique character and less for its perfection, the PM Mark One will bring a "flavor" all its own to the studio or stage. This Micropak includes a 73 key multisampled instrument and over 60 audio loops played by professional jazz, funk and R&B keyboardists.

System Requirements :
• Requires Kontakt 2
• 350 MB of physical RAM
• 370 MB of free hard disk space