Orange Tree Samples - Evolution Rosewood Grand (KONTAKT)


Orange Tree Samples - Evolution Rosewood Grand (KONTAKT) - 1 DVD

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Orange Tree Samples - Evolution Rosewood Grand (KONTAKT) - засемплированный рояль Yamaha C7. Yamaha C7 является популярным выбором для классической, джазовой и рок музыки. Его превосходные тона и превосходное качество делают его ведущим выбором пианистов во всем мире.

Orange Tree Samples is known for highly-detailed scripting that produces realistic and playable sample libraries. Rosewood Recording Company is revered for their expertise in audio engineering, the product of decades of experience in the recording industry. We've joined forces to bring you a powerhouse grand piano library: presenting Evolution Rosewood Grand, an extensively-sampled Yamaha C7 grand piano.

The Yamaha C7 is a popular choice for classical, jazz, and rock pianists. Its superior tone and outstanding quality make it the leading choice of pianists all over the world.

Key Features:

  • Over 7 GB of samples (3.9 GB using Kontakt's NCW lossless compressed format)
  • 12 velocity layers, 2x round-robin, chromatically sampled
  • Advanced scripting with realistic damper modeling, pedal techniques (half-pedaling, repedaling, etc.), and sympathetic resonance
  • Onboard compressor, EQ, and reverb effects
  • External preset system for easy sharing of presets