Native instruments VIENNA CONCERT GRAND (Kontakt)


Native Instruments - Vienna Concert Grand (KONTAKT) - 1 DVD

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Компания Native Instruments на этот раз предоставляет Вам возможность попользоваться легендарным венским концертным роялем. Поющий звук, превосходный резонанс, всех достоинств этого инструмента не перечислить. Благодаря своей уникальной конструкции, рояль звучит превосходно в любом динамическом диапазоне: от громовых концертов для рояля до нежного шёпота. Как и другие рояли и пианино Native Instruments, эти высококачественные многослойные сэмплы работают только в KONTAKT 4.

Native instruments VIENNA CONCERT GRAND (Kontakt) reproduces in the finest detail the sound of the legendary Viennese piano. Adapted from Native Instruments legendary AKOUSTIK PIANO software and featuring high-quality recording of ten velocity layers per key this KONTAKT instrument produces a sound indistin-guishable from the original for expression and authenticity. Native Instruments' groundbreaking Sample Engine with Layer Morphing Technology allow the shaping of the piano to suit your own needs with high-end effects and control possibilities for the smallest tonal nuances.

Overwhelming power, a 'singing' sound and a resonance that never quite ends are all characteristics of VIENNA CONCERT GRAND. These sound qualities stem from the unique design of the original. Different strengths of the soundboard in the different layers of bass to treble ensure optimum transfer of string vibrations and allow full power and the finest nuances
in all registers - from thundering piano concertos to the softest whisper.

VIENNA CONCERT GRAND's selection of venues combines the realism of real acoustic spaces with the flexibility and control possibilities of convo-lution-based signal processing. By merging the impulse response of an actual, existing acoustic environment over the signal itself, the sound acquires an incredibly authentic spatial character. Choose to use the dry
signal as it is or blend in the characteristics of one of four different locations. Place the piano in the immediate, heady surroundings of a jazz club, within the grandeur of a concert hall, in the spacious ambience of a cathedral or the in the precise, pristine acoustics of a studio. 


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