Wavesfactory - W-Timpani (KONTAKT)


Wavesfactory - W-Timpani (KONTAKT) - 1 DVD

Цена: 18.00 грн.


Wavesfactory - W-Timpani (KONTAKT) - Набор из четырех литавров, записанных в студийном помещении с высокой степенью поглощения звука. Некоторые библиотеки записываются на сцене и уже имеют натуральную реверберацию, что означает не возможность изменить ее. W-Timpani предлагает "сухие" сэмплы, так что вы можете добавлять любую нужную вам реверберацию. Библиотека записана от D1 до G2 с 6 слоями велосити.

Tech Info :

• WAV files 44.1 Khz 24 bits
• Not encrypted (you have access to all files).
• 6 velocities.
• 5 round robin.
• Stereo recording.
• Premium mics, preamps and converters.
• Dry recording environment.
• Custom script, separate mic pan control.
• 790 Mb uncompressed.
• Kontakt 3.5+

Set of 4 Yamaha timpanis recorded in a dry studio environment. Most of libraries are recorded on stage and have the natural reverb of it, that means you can’t change it. With W-Timpani you have dry samples, so you can add whatever kind of reverb you want.

Timpanis were played with cotton mallets from D1 to G2, 5 round robin (repetitions to avoid the machine gun effect) and 6 velocity layers. All timpani libraries on the market have no repetitions so you can’t do realistic rolls. Now you can with W-Timpani. The pitch wheel have been programed to change pitch only a forth for a more realistic glissando. Double mapped for easy roll playing. Note: use the sustain pedal for sustained notes, without it will sound damped.

Recorded with premium mics, preamps and converters in stereo, you have pan control on those mics in the user view of the instrument. You have access to every single audio file in the samples folder, it’s not encrypted. Works in Kontakt 3.5 or superior, Kontakt player will run in demo mode. Only 9.95€!