Sonokinetic - Vivace 1.2 (KONTAKT)


Sonokinetic - Vivace (KONTAKT) - 4 DVD

Цена: 60.00 грн.


Sonokinetic - Vivace 1.2 (KONTAKT) - это библиотека для профессиональных композиторов и саунд-дизайнеров,огромная коллекция более 16 000 семплов движет этой впечатляющей библиотекой к новым высотам.

Technical content details

  • 9 channels available, of which 8 to mix: Pre-mixed ‘Tutti’ channel, 3 Mic position channels and 5 cue group channels. Mix each Vivace cue specifically to your taste. Set global variations or for each individual cue.
  • Up to 3 additional multiple recordings of some motifs, available as variations.
  • FX at your fingertips. Configure 4 band EQ and in-built reverb to match your other libraries.
  • Samples recorded in the same environment as Sonokinetic ‘Tutti’ allowing seamless integration.
  • Assign your favourite cues to keyswitches
  • 19 patches in total with multiple cues within each patch.
  • 33922 samples: 2x sample pool (16 & 24 bit) (full version sample pool 27,56 GB content: 16bit: 9,41GB & 24bit: 18,15 GB)
  • Royalty and copyright free content license. (English & German)
  • Vivace Reference manual (pdf).
  • Artwork : “Vivace” dvd cover. Designed by Pavel Fuksa
    Programming : “Vivace” Kontakt script and instruments by Son Thomsen
  • Compositions by Piotr Musial.

Format: 44.1 kHz NCW (AIF)
Loads in Kontakt Library tab
Programmed for Kontakt 5.02 and above.
Compatible with free Kontakt Player.