Native Instruments - Evolve Mutations (KONTAKT) - 1 DVD


Native Instruments - Evolve Mutations (KONTAKT) - 1 DVD

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Native Instruments - Evolve Mutations: Cinematic Sound Design (KONTAKT)  - содержит 275 Инструментов, библиотека хорошо подойдёт для создания музыкального сопровожденияк играм, фильмам и ТВ передачам.

Tonality & FX:

Unconventional melodic instruments and ambiences ranging fromeffected pianos and guitars to altered synths and pads.

Stings & Transitions:

A “music meets sound design” collection of signature presets. Unnerving static feedbacks,obscure rips, swells and odd effectual textures set the stage.

Percussive Kits:

An eclectic mix of menu-style presets that compliment the rhythmic suitesor allow you to build your own beats from the ground up.
Rhythmic Suites:Tempo-synced percussive and tonal loops intuitively key-mapped, covering avariety of styles from electronic and industrial to rock and cinematic