Best Service - Engine 2


Best Service - Engine (VSTi) - 1 CD

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Best Service - Engine - сэмплер от Best Service. Если вы в работе используете звук моно, стерео или объемное звучание то этот виртуальный ДВИГАТЕЛЬ для вас! Этот инструмент разработан, чтобы предложить творческие, гибкие и непосредственные решения для самых требовательных музыкальных продюсеров, кино-композиторов, звукорежиссеров, композиторов и ди-джеев!

У вас есть доступ к сотням полностью настроеным музыкальным функциям пользовательского интерфейса, управления файлами и ультра быстрых потоковых интеграций, поддержку нескольких процессоров ядра и Auto-RAM-Cleaner позволит Вам загружать и использовать неограниченное количество файлов за считанные секунды.

Оригинальное описание:

 Sample player unlocked for YellowTools/BestService (E-Licensor protected) & MAGIX Independence (Vita/Protein protected) libraries & also some old YellowTools (WibuKey protected) libraries.

Engine is a fully customizable multi-page sample player specially designed for a variety of sample libraries and virtual instruments. It was developed in cooperation by Magix (former Yellow Tools) and Best Service and is based on the Independence Sampler Technology.

All Engine-based products are fully compatible with the powerful software sampler Independence 2 or newer - so you can also use the ENGINE products to expand your Independence library - of course including all Independence parameters and features.

You have access to hundreds of totally customized, music related features. The user interface, file management, and ultra fast streaming integration, multi core processor support and the Auto-RAM-Cleaner allow you to load and use an unlimited number of instruments in seconds.

Whether you want to work in mono, stereo or surround environments up to 8.1, Engine is designed to offer creative, flexible, and immediate solutions for the demands of music producers, film-composers, sound designers, songwriters and re-mixers.

Best Service is excited to announce the immediate release of Engine This new version brings a couple of really great new features and a lot of minor bug fixes. One of the new exciting features being the AU and VST 64-bit OS X support. From now Engines memory access is not limited any more to 4GB. Use a 64-bit sequencer to take full advantage of your computers RAM and load as many Best Service Engine instruments as you like (and your computer can handle).

New features:

- Added 64 Bit Support for OS X 10.6, 10.7, 10.8
- Improved Memory Management
- VST Gui updated to 3.6 for better mouse handling [Mac 64bit only]
- Enhanced/Improved legato
- Enhanced directory/file structure management. It's now possible to use UNC Path and special characters [PC]
- Enhanced/Improved Convolution Reverb
- Enhanced/Improved Midi processing
- Fixed some bugs in the E-License Manager [Mac]
- Fixed some minor bugs
- Fixed split keyboard function
- Fixed some bugs in the midi learn function
- Fixed virtual keyboard