Yellow Tools Pure Guitars


Yellow Tools Pure Guitars (KONTAKT) - 1 CD

Цена: 15.00 грн.


Best Service Yellow Tools Pure Guitars -  библиотека "живых" акустических гитар, проигрышей, аранжировок в формате (EXS, NKI, AIF). 

Yellow Tools Pure guitars was developed to enable the full range of live played acoustic guitars for use in samplers. Therefore we recorded the guitars of: Ovation®, Martin®, Taylor®, Lakewood®, Hopf® and Lauenhardt und Kobs®. All the guitars are not looped, because a live played guitar is not looped. This library offers you, the user, authentic, realistic and dynamic guitar performances.

· 3 different nylon guitars

· 4 different steel string guitars (1 jumbo, 2 dreadnought, 1 ovation)

· 2 different 12-string guitars

· 3 different acoustic basses

· up to 5 velocity splits per note

· slides, chords (major, minor, sept.), natural harmonics, etc

· effect volumes (string slaps, body hits, scrapes, squeaks...)

· original length & not looped!

· all guitars are optimized for the respective format.