Wavelore Glide Resonator Slide Guitar


Wavelore - Glide Resonator Slide Guitar 1.1 (KONTAKT) - 2 DVD

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Wavelore - Glide Resonator Slide Guitar 1.1 (KONTAKT) - Сэмплерная библиотека игры резонатора на слайд-гитаре с большими возможностями и множественными артикуляциями.

Функции и возможности библиотеки:

  • 8-way round robin samples (7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 round-robin versions also included) in 6 velocities, recorded with the pick at three different locations along the lengths of all six strings, with clean attack or slide buzzing. Over 9 Gigabytes of samples (Compressed to ~6GB using Kontakt's lossless sample compression)!
  • Three different types of release samples, also in 8-way round-robin: Pick Damp, Palm Damp, and Slide Damp.
  • Sequence your own picking patterns - from sustaining one-shots of any combination of strings to travis picking, arpeggios, tremolos, etc, etc. There are no limits to the possibilities! Assign your favorite patterns to your choice of keyswitches, save them as user presets, or use any of our pre-arranged factory presets, covering chords, tremolos, double-stops, and various arpeggios.
  • Custom configuration of velocity curve and timbre shaping for each individual articulation
  • Set tempo by MIDI CC, tap-tempo or sync to host.
  • Resonance-free samples with formant-corrected crossfading, fed through body/room resonance impulse responses allowing endless possibilities for realistic slides of any speed or length.
  • Use the sustain pedal to re-trigger, pause, or sustain sequences; Perform articulation swaps, re-arrange sequences as chord strums, and lock strings to open drones, all on the fly!
  • Realtime de/activation of pick attack noise with multiple controls for attack volume lets you add just the right amount of grit to your performances.
  • Super-accurate tracking of note volume and pitch allows release samples to blend perfectly every time.
  • Fully automatable and ultra tweakable slide noise (scratching) during slides and/or vibrato.
  • Pitch humanization - have your virtual guitarist "miss" notes by adjustable amounts, then "wait", then "correct"...have the vitual player over or under-compensate for inaccuracies. Fully adjustable with 10 factory presets from "perfect" to "drunken amateur".
  • Playing legato to the lowest note triggers true legato "pull-off", where the slide is lifted to sound the open string(s) with a buzzy transition.
  • A full color, 31-page .pdf user guide with quick-start guide, detailed descriptions of all interface elements, and a full appendix detailing the 15 factory banks of sequences.
  • Much, much more!