Shreddage X Expansion Guitar Samples Reloaded


Impact Soundworks - Shreddage X Expansion Guitar Samples Reloaded - 1 CD

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Долгожданное обновление для библиотеки ритм-гитары, Shreddage! Мы добавили сотни новых образцов, и никакой опасности сценариев. Познай силу Shreddage с этим расширением!


  • Amp Sim Presets
  • Patches
  • Samples
  • UI
  • XPatches
  • XSamples 

Качество: 24 bits,44100 kHz

Примечание: требуется оригинальный Shreddage для использования этой библиотеки 

Content Overview

Since releasing the original Shreddage: Electric Rhythm Guitar library, we've received tons of feedback from happy users saying we've done what none of their other guitar samples could do: create truly realistic rhythm riffs for rock and metal. But we're not one to rest on our laurels, so we set to work researching ways we could make this secret weapon more realistic, more expressive and more METAL than ever.

The result is Shreddage X, an apocalyptic culmination of pure rock power, tempered through the flames of Mt. Doom. We started by lowering the tuning even further, going from Bb to Ab (the "A" is for "Armaggedon".) We added non-pinched vibrato on every note, for even more expressive performances, then recorded traditional harmonics (with no vibrato) as well as blazing tremolo picking.

But we didn't stop there. Shreddage X includes true recorded portamento slides on every single note and powerchord, up to an octave. The portamento time can be reduced to create more subtle legato transitions, eliminated, or kept at max to create dramatic custom slides and dives.

All this newfound power would be for naught if it were hard to use, so we reprogrammed the patches and kept them as easy to use as ever. There is still no need to memorize complex keyswitches, excessive midi CC automation or pedal futzing. Just load up the master patch and prepare to have your face melted.

Note that Shreddage X is only available in Kontakt 4 format. Anything less was just not metal enough for our new scripting and functionality!

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