H.E. Audio - Acoustic Guitar Steel (VSTi)


H.E. Audio - Acoustic Guitar Steel (VSTi) - 1 DVD

Цена: 18.00 грн.


H.E. Audio - Acoustic Guitar Steel (VSTi) - Виртуальная акустическая гитара с реалистичным звуком и дружественным интерфейсом.

With the innovative design concept, H.E. Audio Acoustic Guitar-Steel provides a solution to various difficult playing techniques.

  • Top musical instruments
  • High-level performance
  • Acclaimed recording equipment
  • Professional recording environment
  • No post-destructive processing.
  • Technique details are paid great attention to. Each sample file is edited and processed to keep the original natural sound character.

The product has a clear and real-instrument surface. During the usersÆ operation, all guitar playing techniques can be performed through one midi channel. Even people not familiar with guitar playing technique.

H.E. Audio - Acoustic Guitar Steel (VSTi) Видео: