Big Fish Audio - Guitarra Spanish Guitar


Big Fish Audio - Guitarra Spanish Guitar (KONTAKT) - 1 CD

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Big Fish Audio - Guitarra Spanish Guitar (KONTAKT) - Коллекция петель и сэмплов акустической гитары для N.I. KONTAKT в жанре фламенко.


• Total size: 892.9 MB
• Total Wav 598.6 MB
• 444 Total WAV files
• 202 REX files
• loops & multi samples
• Formatted for both Kontakt 4 and Kontakt 5
• 202 patches - sliced loops
• kit combos - loop menus
• multisample patches

Michael "Nomad" Ripoll is one of the most sought after guitarist in the industry. So are his loop libraries! Guitarra is the latest incredible guitar library brought to you by the the man responsible for Studio Guitars and Urban Guitar Collection.

30 kits of genuine spanish guitar loops and samples with BPM ranging from 73-144. Michael's comprehensive and precise technique gives these flawless kits the authentic feel you need in Flamenco style guitars formatted in Apple Loops, REX/RMX, WAV/ACID and KLI formats.

In addition you'll find a collection of one shot samples including major and minor chords, chromatically sampled sustain notes, tremolo effect playing and more, to help round out this fantastic collection. If you need a spot on taste of Spain in your production, Guitarra entrega!