8Dio - Songwriting Guitar Vol.2 (KONTAKT)


8Dio - Songwriting Guitar Vol.2 (KONTAKT) - 1 DVD

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8Dio - Songwriting Guitar Vol.2 (KONTAKT) -  инструмент содержит набор популярных ритмов и фраз для акустической и электрогитары, предназначенных для создания как преварительных музыкальных набросков, так и целых песен.

Библиотека предлагает четыре популярных ритмических паттерна, сыгранных на трех разных гитарах (акустическая, электрическая clean и distorted) в мажоре и миноре, большое разнообразие мелодических связок во всех тональностях, полностью синхронизированных с хост-темпом, а также спецэффекты для них (delay, lofi, distortion, flanger, phaser, cabinet).

  • Acoustic Guitar Strums (Major/Minor Chords)
  • Electric (clean) Guitar Strums (Major/Minor Chords)
  • Electric (distorted) Guitar Strums (Major/Minor Chords)
  • Electric (clean / distorted) Solo licks (Major/Minor Chords)

February 16th 2012 update: This product has been upgraded and is now twice as big as the original version. We have included all basic major and minor based chords, updated the user interface and essentially doubled the size of the library.

Ever thought about making a song like Coldplay, Oasis or Tracy Chapman? Look no further. Songwriting Guitar is a sample tool made for songwriters, composers and producers that needs instant- and authentic guitar strums and licks. We analyzed a variety of top 40 rock- and pop songs and identified the most common major and minor chord progressions.

Songwriting Guitar contains all the essential chords needed to sketch down or build an entire song. The library contains three different types of guitars (acoustic, electric clean and electric distorted) played in the four most common rhythms used for song writing.  All you have to do is to hold down a single key (ex. C) and the tool will play the songwriting chord related to the key. The library fully follows the tempo of your host sequencer and also has a variety of FX (ex. delay, lofi, distortion, flanger, phaser, cabinet) build in that can be triggered instantly from your keyboard.

The three guitars used in the recordings were: Epiphone Custom, Fender Strat TexMex, ESP LTD Deluxe, which were processed through a 1962 Drawmer pre-amp.

8Dio - Songwriting Guitar Vol.2 (KONTAKT)