Precisionsound Carina Accordion


Precisionsound Carina Accordion (KONTAKT) - 1CD

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Carina Accordion - Мультисемплированый шведский Hagström аккордеон, имеет 7 разных программ + шумы. Все записи проводились с release образцами. Библиотека содержит 666 24bit WAV файлов в 9 различных программах.

"Carina Accordion" for HALion/Kontakt/EXS24/Gigastudio & SoundFont

Carina Accordion is a Multisampled Swedish Hagström Accordion with 7 registers and a separate noise program.
All registers has been sampled with belly in/out for all notes and with release samples. The library contains in total 666 24bit WAV files and 9 different programs. One program is a Key Switch multi program (HALion2, Kontakt & Gigasampler only) so you have instant access to all registers and noises from C5-C6 on your keyboard.

A special SoundFont program with release samples in separate programs are available for you who using other sample formats.

You can download all formats direct or later as you choose.

Program list:
Kr1 Bassoon
Kr2 Bandoneon
Kr3 Organ
Kr4 Master
Kr5 Oboe
Kr6 Clarinet
Kr7 Piccolo