Sound Refinery - Studio Seven Drums (KONTAKT)


Sound Refinery - Studio Seven Drums (KONTAKT) - 1 DVD

Цена: 18.00 грн.


Sound Refinery - Studio Seven Drums (KONTAKT) - Сэмплерная библиотека акустических барабанов, записанная в профессиональной студии, используя ламповые предусилители и выбор микрофонов высшего качества.

Kontakt users may be interested to hear about a new company called Sound Refinery, specialising in high quality third party libraries for NI Kontakt at very good prices.

Although Sound Refinery is not launching offically until Summer 2011, we're doing a 'soft' release of a few key products through Ebay and Payloadz. The first of these is "Studio Seven Drums", a complete studio drum library for Kontakt 4, available for just £25.00.

Feature list: 

- 24 bit / 44.1 stereo samples - all original studio recordings
- Up to 24 velocity layers per drum
- Fully customisable Kontakt instruments, featuring GUI and scripts for controlling Close mic and Room Mic levels, Compression, EQ and Saturation for each instrument.
- Individual instruments feature optimised EQ section
- Convolution reverb control for each instrument, including FX level and IR
- Separate snare articulations (Ghosts / Ruffs / Rolls / Flams /Snare Off) and cymbal hits (chokes / hats closing etc)
- Separate level control for snare bottom mic
- Individual compression On/Off button and full controls for each drum
- Saturation control for extra warmth and punch
- Stereo / Mono button for extra mixing flexibility
- Fully mapped across 88 keys
- Over 1,000 individual samples
- 2 seperate MULTI instruments "Close mics & Overheads" and "Full Multi" (containing individual instruments for maximum flexibility)