Meldaproduction Mdrummer 3 Large


Meldaproduction Mdrummer 3 Large (Standalone/VSTi) 2 DVD

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MeldaProduction наконец-то выпустила полное драмовое решение: MDrummer. MDrummer - это высокосложная рабочая станция для ударных, объединяющая все особенности всех нынешних рыночных продуктов в один инструмент. MDrummer настолько хорош, что о нём можно говорить часами, однако вам гораздо лучше его попробовать самим...

MeldaProduction has finally created the total drum solution: MDrummer. MDrummer is a highly sophisticated percussion workstation which combines features of all of current products on the market into one single instrument. 

I tried before an other (well known) product, BUT this one is THE ONE. cheers! very flexible e customizable in every detail, with no need to improve with any insert the sound! (i'm a cubase user). at last CPU is not so exploited like in other similar products processing (even with extreme assignment to CUBZ mixer: one drumkit element-one dedicated mixer channel) to me MDrummer is the ultimate solution!
Salvatore Angelillo

MDrummer is so splendid that we could talk about it for hours, but maybe it would be easier to try it out for yourself...
Download MDrummer for free.

Alternately, you can see it in action here: MDrummer videos.