FXpansion - BFD3 (VSTi)


FXpansion - BFD3 (VSTi) - 9 DVD

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FXpansion - BFD3 (VSTi) - Виртуальная ударная установка. Беспрецедентно мощная и гибкая среда для создания партий акустических барабанов на вашем компьютере. Предельные реализм и качество звучания, быстрая и простая настройка, полная интеграция на уровне плагинов с вашей цифровой рабочей станцией (DAW). 

The following figures represent the maximum velocity layers per Drum class in the BFD3 Core Library:

  • Kicks: 60
  • Snares: 80
  • Toms: 50
  • Hihats: 65
  • Other: 50

What's new in BFD3?

Some highlights include a new high detail 7-kit library, tom resonance and spill modelling, cymbal swell modelling and a new and more flexible interface with easier sound-browsing and an extendable width window. Parts of the kit can be tweaked more deeply, with much-improved damping, dynamics and humanization functions.

The mixer features new effects including a new high-quality algorithmic reverb and DCAM-modelled envelope-shaping and distortion effects. External signals can now be used for sidechaining purposes with certain effects. It also contains more comprehensive control over bleed signals, better overviews of effect and send settings for all channels, as well as the ability for simpler BFD Eco-style mixing.

The key mapping interface has been redesigned, with several new ways of mapping articulations as well as the ability to create velocity splits.

The Groove engine features a new set of high-quality Grooves by pro session drummers, with the Groove editor now providing a suite of drum rudiments for easy creation of your own patterns.