Zero-G - Sax Supreme (KONTAKT) - 1 DVD


Zero-G - Sax Supreme 2 (KONTAKT) - 1 DVD

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Zero-G - Sax Supreme (KONTAKT) - Тепло и естественный, реальный звук саксофона в качестве сэмплерной библиотеки под NI Kontakt.

SAX SUPREME is a vintage soprano saxophone that has been recorded in an anechoic chamber and programmed as a very high quality Kontakt Instrument with a custom graphic interface. It comes with a 1.6Gb samplebank of over 1200 samples to create amazingly nuanced playing.

Sax Supreme will give you the intimacy, warmth and the natural sound of a real instrument. Its straightforward and easy-to-use interface with Advanced Kontakt Scripting allows for incredibly realistic phrasing and performance.

The seven velocity layers and four round robin samples per note make your playing come alive and the incredibly complex legato and modulation scripting do all the work for you behind the scenes so all you have to do is play.

In addition, to create even more realism, we have also incorporated controls that can add the actual mechanical noise of the saxophone keys in the same way as they sound in a real sax. There is also a choice of ten different convolution reverbs.
A great saxophone performance is all about expression and feeling. Sax Supreme is the nearest thing to having a real saxophonist on call in the studio.


"If you want a no-nonsense virtual soprano sax for a very reasonable price, Sax Supreme is an excellent choice.. Four round-robins and seven velocity layers provide an impressive range of expressive attack - anything from a gentle entry to a biting staccato is possible with Sax Supreme.. Playing this instrument is good fun, and very realistic-sounding performances are possible. Much of this is down to the detailed legato and vibrato scripts.. We liked Sax Supreme because you can just sit down at your keyboard and concentrate on the music. There are no distracting keyswitches to worry about, just one hand shaping the melody and the other operating the mod wheel for vibrato intensity. If you're good with your feet, you can control the vibrato speed too with the expression pedal. Tonally the instrument is spot-on, with natural warmth and easy-to-use tone controls.. Realistic results, excellent vibrato/legato scripting, easy to play, warm tone and very realistic vibrato" - Music Tech magazine, UK (awarded the MUSIC TECH VALUE AWARD)


Kontakt version 4.2.4 or above needed. Kontakt 5 recommended
* * * For a more detailed description of how to use the library and its features please read THE SAX SUPREME USER GUIDE click the link at below left, for the PDF. * * *
* 1.6Gb of sounds on a single DVD
* 1200 WAV files in total
* Kontakt 4 & 5 Instruments with custom Graphic Interface