Westgate Studios - Modular Series Oboes


Westgate Studios - Modular Series: Oboes (KONTAKT) 1 DVD

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Westgate Studios - Modular Series: Oboes (KONTAKT) - Виртуальный инструмент, Засемплированный в оличном качестве Гобой для Kontakt. Библиотека разделена на три части - Solo Oboe, Solo English Horn и 2 Oboes Section.

Гобой — духовой деревянный музыкальный инструмент сопранового регистра, представляющий собой трубку конической формы с системой клапанов и двойной тростью (язычком). Инструмент обладает певучим, однако несколько гнусавым, а в верхнем регистре — резким тембром.

Westgate Studios - Modular Series Oboes KONTAKT | 2.21 GB
This library for Kontakt features 24 bit samples recorded by Grammy award-winning engineer Tim Kimsey. On the DVD you will find a comprehensive set of patches for Solo Oboe, Solo English Horn and Oboe Section. The most important feature of this library is the Legato playing style. These patches contain not only expressive long notes, but also true legato interval samples that were recorded as the musicians played every note up and down from 1 half-step all the way up to a full octave. You don't have to load any special tools to control them because the Legato effect is powered by Gigastudio's iMIDI rules and Kontakt's scripting engine. You can also vary the Attack Strength of each note, control the use of Release Samples, and play Same-Note Legato Repetitions in any rhythm or tempo.

Each of the oboe patches also allows you complete Tone Control within the instrument. If you prefer a "darker" sound, simply adjust control change 4 until you like what you hear.
Along with these highlights you'll also find Staccato and Marcato articulations, Trills, Octave Runs and changing dynamics such as Crescendos, Diminuendos, and Fortepiano. Eerie Multiphonic Effect samples are included as well.