Embertone - Shire Whistle


Embertone - Shire Whistle (KONTAKT) - 1 CD

Цена: 15.00 грн.


Embertone - Shire Whistle предлагает звучание нескольких разновидностей ирландских продольных флейт-вистлов. 

• Irish Whistle
• Malleable, authentic sound
• True legato and glisses
• 16X RR staccato
• Precioussssssss… sound
• Full Kontakt 4.2.4+ required

Welcome to the Shire! It's time for a musical jig, an excellent eve for some spirits and wineso have a seat, put down your sword, and join us for a pint.
We'll banter on about days of old,while we share a smoke and tall tales are told
You'll hear about Barty, the fool of the town,Blakeley and Barny, who will turn any frownThere will be mention, of course, our friend from the northwho came riding in on a stunning white horse.And if you perk your ears up, you'll hear something quite blissful:the sound of a beautifully-crafted SHIRE WHISTLE!