CineBrass PRO Expansion


Cinesamples - CineBrass PRO Expansion (KONTAKT) - 5 DVD

Цена: 75.00 грн.


Cinesamples - CineBrass PRO Expansion (KONTAKT) - является расширением библиотеки CineBrass. Библиотека была записана на всемирно известной студии Sony Pictures Скоринг в Лос-Анджелесе, инструмент разработан для композиторов и прост в использовании.


01 Trumpet Solo Articulations
02 Trumpet Solo True Legato
03 Trumpets Ensemble Muted Articulations
04 Trumpets Ensemble Harmon Mute Articulations
05 Horn Solo Articulations
06 Horn Solo True Legato PRO
07 Horns Ensemble Stopped and Fluttered
08 Horns Ensemble Triad Chords
09 Horns Ensemble Seventh Chords
10 Horns Ensemble Rips
11 Twelve Horn Ensemble Articulations
12 Twelve Horn Ensemble True Legato
13 Twelve Horn Ensemble Mutes
14 Trombone Solo Articulations
15 Trombone Solo True Legato PRO
16 Trombones Ensemble Muted Articulations
17 Trombones Ensemble Harmon Mute Articulations
18 Trombones Fluttered
19 Tuba Solo Articulations
20 Tuba Solo True Legato PRO
21 Full Brass Ensemble FX Part 1
22 Full Brass Ensemble FX Part 2
23 Full Brass Ensemble FX Part 3
24 Full Brass Ensemble High Chords
25 Full Brass Ensemble Low Chords
26 Monster Low Brass Articulations
27 Monster Low Brass Scoops
28 Monster Low Brass Clusters
29 Monster Low Brass FX
30 Horns Ensemble fff Sustains and Shorts
31 Trumpets Ensemble Sustains and Tenuto

CineBrass PRO is the expansion to the popular CineBrass Core library. CineBrass PRO is comprised of entirely new orchestral brass sample content, using the first-call Los Angeles musicians at the SONY Scoring Stage, mixed by Dennis Sands.Our CineBrass core library, released in June 2011, covers the essentials of the orchestral brass section, and functions as a solid foundation in our composing templates. But what about all the other things brass can do? We asked you, the film music community, what you wanted to see in an expansion. The result is CineBrass PRO.