Sound Refinery - Instant Bass


Sound Refinery - Instant Bass (KONTAKT) 1 СD

Цена: 12.00 грн.


Sound Refinery Instant Bass - коллекция звуков электрической бас-гитары от Sound Refiner. Подходит для всех жанров, но работает особенно хорошо в рок/поп стилях. Виртуальная электрическая бас-гитара.

 No nonsense electric bass sounds! Rock solid, instantly usable electric bass instrument that will fit in with your sound straight away without any tweaking. Instant Bass is suitable for all genres, but works particularly well in rock / pop production. Sounds range from super smooth and warm, to overdriven grungy rock bass. 

Instant Bass is a really playable and expressive bass instrument - we sampled every note on every string (at several velocities) to create a warm and dynamic bass guitar designed to fit into your mix straight away, with a great feel and distinctive character.

Use keyswitching to move seemlessly between virtual 'strings' (E ,A, D and G) for ultra-realistic bass runs, and adjust levels for release noise, string noise and mutes for an even more convincing performance!

Instant Bass also features optimised EQ, Compressor and FX sections (as well as slides, mutes and other articulations) for even more flexiblity over the sound.

This instrument has received some great feedback from producers and musicians since its release last year. We'll be back here soon to announce a new range of libraries for Kontakt!