Lastufka Acoustic Bass Guitar (KONTAKT) - 1CD


Lastufka Acoustic Bass Guitar (KONTAKT) - 1CD

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Lastufka Acoustic Bass Guitar -  сэмплы четырехструнной акустической бас-гитары от Bela D Media..

Качество: 24 bit Частота 48 kHz 

Heavily influenced by the attack, present tone, and aggressive playing style of Geddy Lee (RUSH), Bela D Bass is the first bass library to deliver a truly unique and lyrical sound. It is far beyond that of the typical and over used bass tone. Driven by attitude, power and melodic grace, Bela D Bass | Power Signature is the prog-rock/metal composers dream!

Sampled Rig ®

Signature Jazz Bass
EMG J-Bass Active Pickups
Roto Sound Strings RS 66LD
Avalon U5 Tube Direct Box
Sans Amp R.B.I. Bass Preamp

Virtual Rig ®

Direct Bass
Ampeg 1x15 IRF
Ampeg 4x10 IRF
User controlled Compression, EQ and Excitement Reverb.

Performance Play Scripting

The Performance Play Script puts nearly every fret-hand technique the library offers in one elegantly powerful NKI file. Featuring real-time access to legato; slides; vibrato; harmonics; palm mutes; and more. All of the above can be effortlessly accessed by three dynamically playable and distinctive plucking styles.

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Product Details

Bela D Bass begins with 3 main fingering articulations -

Fingernail - Using fingernails gives the bass a particular harmonic over-tone and attack. It is almost the same approach of fingering used by classical guitarists.

Fingernail Flick - a unique set of fingernail flicking samples. The flicking sound is generated by the fingernail pushing up and over the string. Consider it up picking.

Pinch and Pull - This finger style produces a very sharp attack followed by a softer sustain. The strings are pulled away from the neck and quickly released, generating more punch, rattle and buzz.

Assigned to each of the 3 fingering articulations is a host of features that include -

Sustained Straight tone
Sustained Vibrato
Sustained bend
Marcato Straight tone
Marcato Vibrato
Marcato Slide away
Palm Mutes

Power Play features include -

Groove Control functionality
Key-up functionality
Real-time legato slide control
Real-time hammer-on/pull-off control
Auto mono/poly modes via sustain pedal
Round Robin and Multi Release Triggers

Important Information

The full version will not be made commercially available. The LE version does not suffer from any loss of quality. There is no reduction in RR, RT, KS and this product is fully chromatic. All that is demonstrated via the video demonstrations can be achieved with Bela D Bass LE.

LE Version Data

2.3GB/4,000+ sample count/sample rate 24bit/Mono


Native Instruments Kontakt 3.5 / 4