MacProVideo - Melodyne 101 Core Melodyne (Видео уроки на Русском) - 1CD

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Celemony Melodyne видео уроки на русском языке

Видео-школа на русском языке в которой вы узнаете как производить корректировку тона вокала и аудио квантайз в самой популярной программе для коррекции вокала Celemony Melodyne.  


1: Interface Overview

1. Introduction
2. Time Gride Overview
3. Pitch and Grid Overview
4. Transport Overview
5. Plug-In Interface Overview - Part 1
6. Plug-In Interface Overview - Part 2
7. What Does the Correct Pitch Macro Do?
8. What Does the Correct Quantize Time Do?
9. Macros of the Plug-ins
10. Opening and Saving Projects
11. Your Preferances in Melodyne Editor

2: Navagation Tools
12. Checking Out the Main Tool
13. Checking Out the hand and Zoom Tool

3: Pitch Tools

14. What Does the Move and Notes Tool Do?
15. Understanding the Modulation Tool
16. Correcting Problems with the Pitch Drift Tool

4: Overview of Other Tools

17. Whats a Format?
18. Changing the Amplitude of a Pitch
19. Two Tools that are Indispensable - Part 1
20. Two Tools that are Indispensable - Part 2

5: How to Tune Vocals

21. Basics of How to Tune a Vocal
22. The Pitch Drift Tool is Your Friend

6: Working with Polyphonic Material

23. Opening a Polyphonic File
24. Note Assignment Tool - Part 1
25. Note Assignment Tool - Part 2
26. Note Assignment Tool - Part 3
27. Using the Tools with Polyphonic Material

7: New Features

28. Plug-In Loop Playback
29. Copy and Paste
30. Exporting Polyphonic Materal as MIDI

8: TNT
31. Tuning the Dreaded "S"
32. The Snake
33. Adding Random Variations to Your Files
34. Changing the Key of a File After It's Recorded
35. The Power of Selections


David Andris, Celemony’s Lead Product Specialist for Melodyne, shows you powerful pitch manipulation techniques!

Want to tune a solo vocal? ...no problem! Want to quantize audio? ...a breeze! Melodyne can easily handle those tasks! However, have you ever tried to change an audio recording from a major key to a minor key, or edit out a wrong note in a chord imbedded in a polyphonic audio recording? How about turning a polyphonic stereo audio recording into corresponding MIDI notes? Impossible, right? Not any more! Enter Melodyne DNA. With the “new” Melodyne, the impossible is now possible. And in this tutorial we’ll teach you how to master these magical techniques and incorporate them into your productions.

When we went searching for an author to create our Melodyne tutorials we went right to the wizards at Celemony and asked them for their recommendation. They enthusiastically pointed us in the direction of South Florida and the audio stomping ground of Melodyne expert and Melodyne Product Specialist: David Andris. So we’re pleased to welcome David Andris and Melodyne into our growing tutorial family.

Melodyne 101: Core Melodyne introduces you to the tools, techniques and secrets that only a Melodyne magician and top vocal tuner David Andris can conjure up! So sit back a learn how you, too, can create some Melodyne Magic!

Видео кодек: Другой MPEG4
Видео: Codec ID : avc1, Bit rate : 630 Kbps, Width :940 pixels Height : 544 pixels,Frame rate : 10.000 fps,
Аудио: Format : AAC, Bit rate mode : Variable, Bit rate : 187 Kbps Maximum bit rate : 264 Kbps, Sampling rate : 44.1 KHz Resolution : 16 bits