Vipzone Kate Lesing Vocals Vol.1 - Trance & Dance Acapellas


Vipzone Kate Lesing Vocals Vol.1 - Trance & Dance Acapellas (WAV) - 1 CD

Цена: 15.00 грн.


Vipzone Kate Lesing Vocals Vol.1 - Trance & Dance Acapellas (WAV) - это вокальная продакшн-библиотека от фирмы VipZone в формате WAV. Коллекция включает в себя 19 трэков с женским вокалом (акапеллы в стилях trance и dance) Все файлы представлены на диске в двух версиях: DRY и EFFECTS, в текстовых файлах содержатся тексты из этих трэков. Также присутствуют midi-файлы для каждого трека. Всё это находится в Вашем полном распоряжении! Используйте в своих работах самое лучшее!

Kate Lesing Vocals; Trance & Dance Acapellas 

We present long awaited Kate Lesing vocals (trance & dance acapellas). There are 19 professional & royalty-free acapella phrases (a vocal construction kit for 19 different songs) from a girl that sings in all of our best productions. Files are both in dry and effects version, plus we give you midi with bass/chords for the melody. It's almost like the remix competition some artist are running (or a cover of an old track), but these vocals are yours to take to the record company for your own release!!! Record companies always ask for sample clearance, so you can just show them a proof of purchase for that. Remember, don't forget to show the included licence-file to the record company, before signing any contract !

So now, for the good price you can have something really amazing, truly special idea, which hasn't been realized yet before by any sample company. Now you don't have to search on the internet for the trance acapellas anymore! Now you also don't have to look for vocal removing techniques which always work imperfectly and don't give you any possibility for selling the track. So finally, enjoy the new VipZone samplepack - Kate Lesing vocals!