Vipzone Electrovocals Party


Vipzone Electrovocals Party (Wav) - 1 CD

Цена: 15.00 грн.


VipZone - Представляет новый Electro pack. Основанный на той же самой идее как CutVocals, ElectroVocals Party содержит vocal loops для electro и electro-house музыки!

We are ready to present new electro pack from Vipzone. Based on the same idea like our CutVocals Party, the new ElectroVocals Party contains cut vocal loops for electro and electro-house music!

Tempo der Loops: 128 BPM

Das Pack beinhaltet jeweils zwei Versionen der Cut-Vocals (mit und ohne Effekt). Insgesamt 400 MB WAV-Loops.

  • Broken Syllables - 80 Loops
  • Club House - 120 Loops
  • Long Decay- 90 Loops
  • Sliced Vocoder- 50 Loops