Vengeance - Vocal Essentials Vol. 1


Vengeance - Vocal Essentials Vol. 1 (WAV) - 1 CD

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Vengeance - Vocal Essentials Vol. 1 (wav) -  Более 1500 потрясающих клубных вокальных эффектов. Многим нужны акапеллы высокого качеста, но их очень трудно найти. ´Vengeance Vocal Essentials´ решает это, пролагая свыше 1500 вокалов превосходного качества для всех жанров электронной музыки.

The hugely popular Vengeance Sampling CD Series now includes a vocal title, ideal for any producer in search of a suitable hook for their compositions. Nearly everyone needs vocals but they it can be difficult to find create a high quality vocal performance and recording. ´Vengeance Vocal Essentials´ solves this by offering a wide range of more than 1500 vocal samples for all genres of electronic music.

Those who are in search of cool, fresh and catchy vocals that still leave enough space for your own creativity, will enjoy this new Vengeance title. Besides a large variety of spoken, sung and HandsUp/MC shout vocals, this CD offers many FX Vocals, Vocodher vocals and even fully produced vocal loops ready for instant application (128 and 140 BPM). For those, who are on the hunt for insane and deviant vocals, there is a LoFi section to give your drive to experiment free reign – a gold mine for producers of minimal music.

All samples as usual high-gradely produced by Manuel Schleis and Alex Butcher and clearly structured into folders.