Mutekki Media Diamond Vocals vol.2


Mutekki Media Diamond Vocals vol.2 - 1 CD

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Mutekki Media Diamond Vocals vol 2 (WAV) - это более 750 качественных голосовых и вокальных сэмплов. Здесь представлены эксклюзивные и специально отобранные сэмплы с assorted fx like pitchshift, harmoniser, reverb, delay, distortion, dry. Это совершенно новый материал записанный профессиональными вокалистами будет желанной добычей для продюсеров, которые любят удивлять и поражать своим творчеством.

Mutekki Media Diamond Vocals 2 - красивые, профессионально записанные, готовые к использованию отсортированные по категориям, акапеллы в формате wav.

It is now 5 years ago, that „Diamond Vocals“ saw the light of market. 5 years, in which a large number of successful producers and those, who want to reach this success, have been taking possession of „Diamond Vocals“. Above all it has to be mentioned that in these 5 years „Diamond Vocals“ got an entry in countless, partly even in very successful dance- and clubproductions.
Now it was finally the time to continue the well praised, first-work, on that KEYS reviewed: „Those who are in search of new vocal raw material can not pass by this production“.
Future Music UK put it in a nutshell with the following conclusion: „An absolute must for the voiceless music maker.“ „Diamond Vocals Vol. 2“ continues where the first part stopped.
For the recording, professional studio singers as well as promising talents were available. A wide spectrum of very different vocal recordings is presented, which not only offers a great selection in a stylistically way, but also impresses with its use of differences in effects.
The material includes a repertoire of completely, direct usuable hooklines, backgrounds from raps and shouts to adlips and vocodervoices. All of them processed with a widespread spectrum of effects, from hall, reverb, chorus, delay to pitchshift and distortion and to „dry“/ raw vocals.
However the use of these effects is only in such a specific scale, that it still allows an own creative influence to the user.
All samples are categorized with tempo and harmony.