Bela D Media - Vocal Tools Native Voice


Bela D Media - Vocal Tools Native Voice (KONTAKT) - 1 CD

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Bela D Media - Vocal Tools Native Voice (KONTAKT) - Фразы, женские голоса с учётом народной специфики - Япония, Пакистан, Ливан, Норвегия.

Providing the composer with a commanding and evocative tone, each soloist sings with an indigenous tongue.


* Native Voice consists of four individual female vocalists: Japanese, Lebanese, Pakistani, Norwegian.
* Vocal Tools Phrase Control:
o Juke box style phrase sequencing via multi list drop down menu. See what you hear! Phrase abbreviations and vocal keys are clearly listed.
o Real-time advanced sample offset for linear phrase manipulation accuracy.
o Real-time mod control of vocal speed/tempo.
o Assignable MIDI CC control of vocal attack, release and more.
o Multi verse creation banks captured via key switches for convenient call back.
o Breath samples with command of random occurrence and mix volume.
o Select IRF, NI reverb or studio dry all within the scripted environment.