Equinox Sounds - Looped Atmosphere FX


Equinox Sounds - Looped Atmosphere FX (WAV) - 1 CD

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Equinox Sounds - Looped Atmosphere FX - Пакет сэмплов для Ambient: элегантные пространственные текстуры, созданные испанским продюсером Pablo Penas aka Thalassa. Looped Atmosphere FX is an inspirational library of evolving textures and FX loops aimed to electronic music producers, soundtrack/game composers and sound designers.

This collection features 65 loops and each loop contains 3 variations to allow more flexibility and consistency. You'll get a total of 195 loops that you can mix and match to build your own electronic ambiences.

Packed with 665MB of elegant electronic looped soundscapes, drones, FX and textures created by spanish electronic music composer Pablo Penas aka Thalassa, this sound library can be used in any genre of electronic music production as well as film scoring and multimedia projects.


  • 195 loops featuring atmospheric FX, drones and electronic ambiences;
  • All loops are 44KHz/16bit ACIDized.wav, this format is compatible with all audio applications;
  • The loops repeat seamlessly and are marked with the bpm;
  • BPM range: 60-145 BPM;