Prime Loops - Drum and Bass Warriors


Prime Loops - Drum and Bass Warriors (WAV) - 1 DVD

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Prime Loops - Drum and Bass Warriors (WAV) - свежий набор сэмплов и лупов в стиле Drum & Bass от Prime Loops. Набор может похвастаться поразительным арсеналом в категориях Bass, Drum, Synth и Pad, а также содержит one-shot сэмплы.

Bulking up to a beastly 365MB, Drum & Bass Warriors boasts an astounding arsenal of audio artillery assembled across 5 folders! Choose you weapons from Bass, Drum, Synth and Pad loops for a sonic assault that will really twist your head! The Bass and Synth folders include alternate variants of each sample and you'll find a relentless array of one-shots and drum loops to help you deal out the blows!

Drum & Bass Warriorshas a standard tempo of 174BPM but should you need to alter this, simply stretch out or condense the sample in your software! It'll correct to your desired time signature without losing any of its original quality! This ultimate D&B sample pack arrives in superior 24-bit sound quality with key and tempo information displayed in each filename! What's more, this pack is entirely royalty free, allowing you to construct your tunes without having to experience the inconvenience of sample clearance forms!