Prime Loops Fidget House Grooves


Prime Loops Fidget House Grooves - 1 DVD

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Prime Loops Fidget House Grooves – свежий качественный пак сэмплов от Prime Loops. Ориентированы на создание музыки в стилях Electro, House, Minimal. Здесь собраны множество элементов для творчества: Chicago House, Bassline, Breaks, фразы Drum n Bass, Rave, Funky. Сэмплы Prime Loops - Fidget House Grooves библиотеки представлены в Apple Loops формате.

Жирные и раскачивающие грувы от Prime Loops - Fidget House Grooves, идеально подойдут для подбадривания соседей (в зданиях расположенных по близости).

Tech Specs: 200+ Loops | Drum Samples, FX Samples, Bass Loops & Synth Samples | 24 bit quality samples | BPM Range: 127-130.

Fidget House Grooves is the latest quirky sample pack from the Prime Loops squad fresh in tune with the fidget sample that is taking the clubs by storm across the globe.

Fidget House skillfully blends a diverse range of genres together such as Electro, Chicago House, Bassline, Breaks, elements of Drum n Bass, Rave, Funky and more; resulting in jump-up, fun filled club anthems ready for the clubs. The genre has become very popular amongst fans and producers alike due to its addictive basslines, jackin drums, and almost slapstick style automations and effects!

Influenced by prolific artists in the scene such as Mickey Slim, Bombsquad Records, Stupid Fresh, Escobar & Vito, Will Bailey, Ed Kane, Calvertron, Trevor Loveys, Herve, Fake Blood, Digital Filth, SwitchJack Beats, this world-class sample pack is now ready… inject it into your mix and see the results for yourself.

This nu-era sample pack is jam-packed with over 200 swinging, jackin’ 4/4 house beats, solid, shuffly, and cheeky effect samples, hectic percussion loops with a glitchy new-skool feel, extremely crazy pumping bass loops, loops with fat, gritty, pitch-bent pulses and filtered synth variations to suit, rave-style synth stab loops with Stuttery chopped up stereo/fx and automation, not to mention processed, pitched, chopped up vocals, scratch samples and tape stops!

Everything has been professionally mastered, processed, tried and tested in our state of the art recording facility, maintaining the utmost quality recording in 24 bit, for maximum usability and power in the mix.

This is not your average House Sample Library. Sample pack Fidget House Grooves is one of a kind, and completely unique, check it out now, and hear the difference for yourself.