Precisionsound - Monzter Guitars II


Precisionsound - Monzter Guitars II (KONTAKT) - 1 CD

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Precisionsound - Monzter Guitars II (KONTAKT, GIG) - вторая часть билиотеки из серии Monzter Guitars. Семплы дисторшн гитары: квинты, кварты, терции и одиночные звуки.

Оборудование, которое использовалаось для создания гитарной библиотеки семплов:

Guitar: Gibson Explorer 1994 with Gibson pickups with Planet Waves leads
Amplifiers: Engl Fireball (modified by T. Folkesson)
Mesa/Boggie Dual Rectifier, Peavey 5150 MK1,
ENGL cabinet with Celestion Vintage 30 speakers
Microphones: Shure SM57, Senheiser MD 421
Preamps: Neve 1272, Manley Massive Passive
Converters: Cranesong Hedd 192 with pentode and tape

MG II P5150 Fifths.nki/gig
MG II P5150 Fourths.nki/gig
MG II P5150 FX.nki/gig
MG II P5150 Majors.nki/gig
MG II P5150 Minors.nki/gig
MG II P5150 Singles.nki/gig

“Monzter Guitars II” was developed to assist producers in their quest for getting that massive “Wall Of Guitars” without the need for a really good guitarplayer and killer engineering skills. 

How did we do it? We got together the staples of modern guitar amps in a room and combined it with the best recording electronics you can find, with the guitar player to match!
Multisampled “Fifths”, “Fourths”, “Majors”, “Minors”, “Single notes” and “Effects” both in separated programs and as a key switched program to instantly change articulations on the fly in your NI Kontakt sampler. All articulations has long notes with release samples in 2 velocity layers and staccato notes in 3 velocity layers, each half note has it’s own unique samples.