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Nine Volt Audio Funky Rex Guitars Interlocked Groove Edition (Wav) - 1 DVD

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Funky Rex Guitars Interlocked Groove Edition - Гитарные семплы и лупы. Более 40 мини-песен, записанных в лупах.

Часто в самых известных классических фанк-песнях задействуют двойную гитару: из одной колонки раздаются скрипучие ритмы, в то время как из другой - плавные риффы на одной ноте. Используя широкий спектр вариаций взаимодействия шести струн, Funky Rex Guitars применяет этот подход практически во всех своих наборах лупов, которых на диске более 40.

Funky Rex Guitars: Interlocked Groove Edition: Many of the best-known classic funk songs employ a dual guitar approach: scratchy rhythms come from one speaker while slinky, single note riffs come from the other. Using a wide range of six-string interplay variations, Funky Rex Guitars applies this approach to nearly all of its 40+ mini-song suites of loops.
With guitar tones ranging from single coil Strats to humbucking hollow bodies, most loops have been recorded clean, dry and non-effected and are both immediately useable and easily customized for placement into the mix.
As part of the BPM Flex Series™, every loop in the collection can be used at virtually any tempo without artificial stretching or unwanted audio artifacts, making this one of the most flexible funk guitar libraries on the market.
So whether you need a groove for inspiration, a lick to light up the dance floor or a riff to breathe life into any retro or modern track, Funky Rex Guitars: Interlocked Groove Edition brings what you need.
COMPUTER MUSIC MAGAZINE (Dec 2007): "9/10... Funky Rex Guitars features 400 REX loops of a scratchy, funky, flava that don't deviate far from the template of Classic 70s funk. The loops are organised into 43 so-called 'mini-song' suites that work together, so it's not hard to find compatible loops. Plus, each one has it's key in the filename, so it's easy enough to find something that will work in your project."


- The DVD and download contain 400 REX2 loops organized into 43 mini-song suites. Interlocking groove suites present an “A” and “B” loop group for easy identification of which loops are designed to play simultaneously.
- Using Funky Rex Guitars within RMX requires the user to drag-and-drop only one folder into RMX’s included SAGE Converter.
- The DVD and download contains a Reason Refill and a separate folder with the REX2 files. This allows the loops to be used in any program that supports the REX2 format.
- Funky Rex Guitars contains Apple Loop and ACIDized Wav formats.
- Guitar tones used: Danelectro U2, Fender Stratocaster, Fender Telecaster, Gibson ES-137 Classic, Gibson Les Paul and Gibson ES-335.
- As part of the BPM Flex Series™ loops in the REX2, Refill and RMX formats can be used at virtually any tempo without artificial stretching or unwanted audio artifacts.