Big Fish Audio - LA Bass Sessions (WAV)


Big Fish Audio - LA Bass Sessions (WAV) - 1 DVD

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Big Fish Audio LA Bass Sessions (WAV) - бас-гитарные лупы, грувы в различных тональностях сыграные "в живую" известным бас-гитаристом Daniel-ем Pearson-ом, качественно записаны и готовы к использованию.

  • 1.6 GB of 24-bit WAV
  • Apple Loops
  • REX
  • WAV
  • RMX

These precision electric bass grooves come from veteran bass player Daniel Pearson, who has performed and/or recorded with a long list of pros including Jennifer Lopez, Macy Gray, Jessica Simpson, Taylor Dayne, Coolio, Sheila E., Nick Lachey, Bernard Fowler, Kenny Latimore, and Clay Aiken to name a few. This set gives you over 3.5 GB of grooving rock, pop, funk, and R&B bass phrases (1.6 GB of 24-bit WAV content) in WAV, REX, RMX, and Apple Loops formats. Each performance set is comprised of an "A", "B" and an "Alt" section. There is plenty to choose from as most sets include variations for each of the three sections. LA Bass Sessions was recorded and formatted to match flawlessly with LA Drum Sessions Vol. 2. Each bass loop was recorded referencing the corresponding loops from LA Drum Sessions Vol. 2 to give you that perfect "in the pocket" drum and bass groove. With loads of quality, style, and variety, you'll get a lot of mileage out of this library.