Prime Loops - Black FX (WAV)


Prime Loops - Black FX (WAV) - 1 CD

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Prime Loops - Black FX (WAV) - Коллекция сэмплов эффектов, включает лупы и одиночные сэмплы, специально разработанные чтобы добавить впечатляющий слой или текстуру в ваш следующий трек. Включает различные шумы, свипы, краши, сирены, лазеры, удары и многе другое. Всего содержит более 180 сэмплов в формате WAV 24-bit. Подойдет для таких стилей как Sound FX, Glitch, Soundtrack, Dubstep, Techno & Trance, Electro и других.

Dare to be different! With these twisted, extroverted, outright eccentric SFX waveforms, all professionally forged to dominate every genre on this planet. "Black SFX" holds over 500mb of brand spanking new, cutting-edge and absolutely royalty-free sounds - as well as a large selection of beatmapped FX loops, specifically designed to add exciting new layers and textures to your next-level productions. 

"Black SFX" is a driving compendium of extremely versatile one-shot samples and FX loops that'll make the tracks of any serious producer in the fields of music production, sound design or soundtrack composition absolutely stand out from the rest!

These highly unusual sound effects have some serious power: Get your Warm Leatherette on with hard-hitting post-pop sweeps, enter studded Industrial territory with a ton of heavily processed engine and machinery noises, whip up forceful club commotion with endless arrays of mangled sweeps, crashes, sirens, lazers, impacts and much more!

Each and every sample (180+ ) in "Black SFX" have been created with absolute passion, all are 24-bit quality, recorded with experience and skilfully mastered to perfection, providing a darkly shimmering prism of quality tools that will wet the creative appetite of any dedicated purveyor of state-of-the-art multi-media magic.

As a special add-on for all you audio fetishists out there, "Black SFX" comes equipped with a huge and versatile selection of ready-sidechained sweeps in many different tempi, ranging from an urban-friendly 74Bpm all the way through to dubstep-compatible 140Bpm. Just cut and layer everything according to your needs and remember: With this powerful pack by your side, you're the master, not the servant!