Delectable Records - Strictly Melodic FX


Delectable Records Strictly Melodic FX - 1 DVD

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Delectable Records Strictly Melodic FX - Коллекция звуковых эффектов для стилей Dubstep, Jungle, DnB, House, Tech House, Electro, Trance, Cinematic and Ambient.


  • 70 Small Falling FX
  • 70 Medium Falling FX
  • 35 Large Falling FX
  • 35 Transitional FX
  • 70 Small Rising FX
  • 70 Medium Rising FX
  • 420 One Shots

All samples have key info within file names

During this year of gathered dance productions, we have noticed the lack of effects packages, totally dedicated to the melodic and padded Rise, Falls and Transitional FX, vital components in musical genres such as House, Tech House, Electro House and Trance. So, we've decided to produce our own FX library perfectly Key labeled and organized for ease of use giving you a smoother workflow.
All the effects are defined by high level oscillations, allowing extremely detailed synthesis thus giving your tracks feeling! Try using these samples with side-chaining or ducking techniques and you'll be instantly obtaining big impacts.
Within this impressive library you will find 770 unique transitional, rising and falling fx audio files. This library is a must for all danceable genres such as Dubstep, Jungle, DnB, House, Tech House, Electro and more! This is also a really useful tool for those who want to produce multimedia elements or web design sounding and for all those DJs who want to include extra elements in their Traktor or Ableton DJ-Sets and Live-sets.
The mastering and sample's shaping is entirely made with state of the art valve outboard, that positively contributes to correct the sound balancing, and provides more accurate spatial enhancements. Especially regarding mid and mid-bass frequencies, frequently troublesome in a mix.
This pack is created by the Delectable Staff with extreme attention to detail ready for you to drop straight into your DAW.
Get rid of your dust ridden overused atonal fx and grab yourself some fresh ‘Strictly Melodic FX' in your mix!