Best Service Studio India (Wav)


Best Service Studio India (Wav) - 1 DVD

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Best Service Studio India - Качественная библиотека восточных семплов, в составе семплы женских и мужских голосов, индийские инструменты, такие как Таблас, ситар, скрипка, Mrindangam, Sonai, Тамбура и т.д

Welcome to Studio India presented by George Din and Gabriel Le Mar. Fresh Vocals (male / female), Adlibs, Chatting, Songphrases, Indian Instruments such as Tablas, Sitar, Violin, Mrindangam, Sonai, Tambura, Tarabuka, Small Ensemble, FXed Instruments - Voices - Atmos. This CD features some of the finest Indian Singers and Musicans today, recorded with high quality Microphones. All files are organized in B.P.M. and you´ll find a huge selection of ACIDized Percussion Samples and Loops. To make it easier to include this material in professional productions, we´ve recorded many sets of "adlib" vocal sung on vowels. With them, serious producers can create brilliant colors in different surroundings - not having to worry much about indian languages and translations. Put a real performance in your track. Studio India is organized in B.P.M and key based folders. That way, creating lively tracks of rich variation is easy.